South Central Area Light Blues Club



The Southampton Light Blues Club provides a means of getting together, to encourage friendship, open discussion and inter-lodge visiting from members of Lodges meeting in Botley, Woolston, Totton and Southampton Masonic centres.

Not only that! but it’s completely free to attend. There is no dress code and regalia is not worn.

Membership is automatic and free to all junior Masons, in this case defined as ‘ light blue ‘ or those progressing towards the office of Worshipful Master and without Provincial Rank. The Light Blues Club is a great way to meet fellow Brethren in a different light to the Lodge atmosphere. Wives, partners and any friends who are Non-Masons are also welcome.




Events such as breakfast meetings with a guest speaker Masonic and non are organised on a regular basis. The club also organises intra and inter Province trips such as attending Quarterly Communications at Grand Lodge in London. All these events provide a great opportunity to meet new people, share your thoughts on Freemasonry, ask questions and learn new things.

Any ‘ Light Blue ‘ wishing to make contact with the South Central Area Light Blues Club please contact SCA Light Blues for
more information.

Alternatively the Clubs activities can be found on their Facebook page by clicking the below link :

SC Area Light Blues