Hire Our Halls

All of our Masonic Centres (or Halls) are independently run with a team of Trustees overseeing at each one.

They are all available to hire for private non-Masonic events like wedding receptions, birthday parties, wakes and the like.

Although this website does not deal with bookings, you can contact any of our Centres directly using the following details to enquire about making a booking.

Brook House Masonic Centre

Brook Lane, Botley. SO30 2ER

http://www.brookhousecentre.co.uk/ 01489 786615

Southampton Masonic Centre (40 Steps)

Albion Place, Southampton, SO14 2DD

http://www.sotonmasonichall.co.uk/ Mr.A.Naylor@gmail.com

Totton Masonic Centre

Lexby Road, Totton, SO40 9HD

Caterer/Manager stan.gooch656@yahoo.com

Woolston Masonic Centre

Manor Road South, Woolston, SO19 2DS

Caterer/Manager simoncocks88@gmail.com